JJL Electrical Solutions Product Catalogue 2021

121 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 Timeguard www.timeguard.com Product Code Description SLW360N PIR Presence Detector SLFM360N PIR Presence Detector (Flush Mount) 10 Enhanced PIR Presence Detectors 8M Enhanced PIR Timeguard take PIR Presence Detectors to the next level for optimum coverage and control. • 120° to 360° 10 metre diameter motion detection at a 1.8m mounting height. • 3-5m Presence detection. • Adjustable time setting 1 Minute – 30 Minutes. • Adjustable 5 – 1000 Lux setting. • 1500W Halogen and Fluorescent, 420W LED lighting, 250W fan switching. • IP55/IP44 weatherproof rating (internal use only). • For mounting on a standard BS surface mount or flush mount box (min 16mm depth). • Parallel switching facility – A maximum of 4 PIR sensors can be wired in parallel, to enable any. • 360° area of detection with up to 4m inner Presence Detection and 8m detection range overall. • IP44 - Ideal for bathrooms & toilet areas.  • Large terminals for ease of installation. • High Wattage LED switching up to 250W. • Linkable for greater PIR coverage. • Low profile stylish design. Product Code Description PDSM1500 360° Ceiling PIR Presence Detector – Surface Mount PDRS1500 360° Surface Mount Round PIR Presence Detector PDFM1500 360° Ceiling PIR Presence Detector – Flush Mount PDWM1500 120° Wall Mount PIR Presence Detector SLW360N PDFM1500 PDSM1500 PDRS1500 PDWM1500 SLFM360N