JJL Electrical Solutions Product Catalogue 2021

142 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 Special Selection Ventilation BLCALM100 100mm Zone 1 IP45 Standard 28 l/s White BLCALM100H 100mm Zone 1 IP45 Humidity 28 l/s White BLCALM100IR 100mm Zone 1 IP45 PIR 28 l/s White Run On Timer BLCALM100S 100mm Zone 1 IP45 Pull Cord 28 l/s White BLCALM100T 100mm Zone 1 IP45 Timer 28 l/s White BLCALMBLK100T 100mm Zone 1 IP45 Timer 28 l/s Black BLCALMCHR100H 100mm Zone 1 IP45 Humidity 28 l/s Chrome BLCALMCHR100T 100mm Zone 1 IP45 Timer 28 l/s Chrome BLCALM150 150mm Zone 1 IP45 Standard 88 l/s White BLCALM150H 150mm Zone 1 IP45 Humidity 88 l/s White BLCALM150T 150mm Zone 1 IP45 Timer 88 l/s White BLFIXGRILL100BLK 100mm Black BLFIXGRILL100BRN 100mm Brown BLFIXGRILL100GRY 100mm Grey BLFIXGRILL100TER 100mm Terracotta BLFIXGRILL100WHI 100mm White BLFIXGRILL150BLK 150mm Black BLFIXGRILL150BRN 150mm Brown BLFIXGRILL150GRY 150mm Grey BLFIXGRILL150TER 150mm Terracotta BLFIXGRILL150WHI 150mm White BLGRAVGRILL100BLK 100mm Gravity Grille Black BLGRAVGRILL100BRN 100mm Gravity Grille Brown BLGRAVGRILL100GRY 100mm Gravity Grille Grey BLGRAVGRILL100TER 100mm Gravity Grille Terracotta BLGRAVGRILL100WHI 100mm Gravity Grille White BLGRAVGRILL150BLK 150mm Gravity Grille Black BLGRAVGRILL150BRN 150mm Gravity Grille Brown BLGRAVGRILL150GRY 150mm Gravity Grille Grey BLGRAVGRILL150TER 150mm Gravity Grille Terracotta BLGRAVGRILL150WHI 150mm Gravity Grille White Low Noise Energy Efficient Extractor Fans Slimline Moon BLLINE-E100 100mm Standard 26 l/s BLLINE-E100S 100mm Pull Cord 26 l/s BLLINE-E100T 100mm Timer 26 l/s BLLINE-E100H 100mm Humidity 26 l/s Slimline Extractor Fan BLMOON100 100mm 24 l/s Brilliant White BLMOON100H 100mm Humidity 24 l/s Brilliant White BLMOON100T 100mm Timer 24 l/s Brilliant White Moon - Designer Extractor Fan fitted c/w Anti Back Draft Shutter BLTURBO100 100mm Standard High Capacity 2 Speed 61 l/s BLTURBO100T 100mm Timer High Capacity 2 Speed 61 l/s BLTURBOE100 100mm Standard 2 Speed 40-52 l/s BLTURBOE100T 100mm Timer 2 Speed 40-52 l/s In-Line Mixed Flow Extractor Fan Fixed Grille Fly Screen Ventilation Grille with Gravity Operated Back Draught Shutter Extractor Fans and Accessories