JJL Electrical Solutions Product Catalogue 2021

200 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 www.oviauk.com Code Description OV6406 6W 140mm Diameter - white OV6412 12W 165mm Diameter - white OV6418 18W 217mm Diameter - white OV6418PIR 18W 227mm Diameter with PIR - IP44 - white Code Description OV65206CTA 20W 190mm Diameter downlight - IP44 - white OV65208CTA 20W 230mm Diameter downlight - IP44 - white OV65306CTA 30W 190mm Diameter downlight - IP44 - white OV65308CTA 30W 230mm Diameter downlight - IP44 - white OVCGEM6500 3 Hr Emergency Control gear with pre-wired flow connectors INCEPTOR ® NANO 5 * replace with SC - satin chrome, CH - chrome or WH - white Code Description LED5400*5WD Fixed downlight - warm white LED5400*5CD Fixed downlight - cool white LED5405*5WD Adjustable downlight - warm white LED5405*5CD Adjustable downlight - cool white • Powerful SMD light source • Optional insulation support bracket • Shallow recess depth Compact Fire-rated Dimmable LED Downlight PRE-WIRED FLOW CONNECTOR 30, 60 AND 90 MINUTE FIRE-RATING 40 O BEAM ANGLE • RGBW dimmable with remote • 36,000 hour lifetime • RGBW 16 million colours 24V LED Strip RGB IP65 (0.5m Reel) • 3 or 7 pole Flow™ connector • CTA (Colour Temperature Adjustment) switch with a range of 2700K, 4000K, 6500K • Drop glass versions available • 1-10V Dimmable and emergency versions available High Power LED Downlights INCEPTOR ® APTO • Retro-fitted expandable bracket • Steel safety loop • Push-fit terminals prewired with fly lead • Dimmable and PIR options available Adaptable Downlight With CTA Switch MAGNETIC BEZEL & DIFFERENT FINISHES ADJUSTABLE COLOUR TEMPERATURE C T A FLY LEAD INSTALLATION ADJUSTABLE COLOUR TEMPERATURE C T A TWIST FIT BEZELS 5 YEAR WARRANTY 5 YR INCEPTOR ® HION • Pre-installed H05RN-F 3m cable • Microwave sensor options add S to code • 90º Beam angle • 54,000 Hours lifetime • Available in black or white UFO LED Highbay 120 O BEAM ANGLE ADHESIVE BACK 3 YEAR WARRANTY 3 YR INCEPTOR ® EVO Domestic Utility INCEPTOR ® IONA Commercial Industrial OV6412 WITH OVBZ6412SC OV65208CTAD3EM OV100100S OV9505WH9 OV9500WH9 OV5405CH5CD OV5400SC5WD Bezel available OVBZ6412 or OVBZ6418 add SC - satin chrome, CH - chrome or BK - black finish Code Description OV100100 IP65 100W LED 1-10V Dimmable high bay 4000K - black OV100150 IP65 150W LED 1-10V Dimmable high bay 4000K - black OV100200 IP65 200W LED 1-10V Dimmable high bay 4000K - black OVCGHBIRR • 50,000 Hours • Security screw • Integrated driver • UV stabilized PC body • Multiple mounting options Integrated LED Bulkhead Eyelid Circular LED Utility bulkhead LED9505WH9 LED9500WH9 10W standard LED9505WH93EM LED9500WH93EM 10W emergency LED9505WH9MS LED9500WH9MS 10W microwave sensor LED9505WH9MS3EM LED9500WH9MS3EM 10W mw sensor & em. INCEPTOR ® INTENSE Code Description OV187**RGBCW65 7.2W/m 12mm - RGB+4000K OV187**RGBWW65 7.2W/m 12mm - RGB+3000K OV1814**RGBCW65 14.4W/m 12mm - RGBCW (RGB+4000K) OV1814**RGBWW65 14.4W/m 12mm - RGBWW (RGB+3000K) ** replace with 05 - 0.5m, 1 - 1m, 2 - 2m, 5 - 5m. IP20 option available, replace ‘65’ with ‘20’ WATERPROOF IP65 COOL WHITE 4200K 3 YEAR WARRANTY 3 YR 6 YEAR WARRANTY WATERPROOF IP65 MECHANICAL PROTECTION IK10 6 YR Remote control Sensor version only opal